Salary:£34,300.00 per annum


Commutable From:Newcastle and London 50miles radius

Posted: 2024-05-01

Job End Date: 2024-07-30

Job Description
We are also looking for candidates who have previously installed Solar PV systems including Panels, Inverters, battery storage systems and Optimizers.

If you think this role suits you and you have the proven qualifications to act as a Solar Panel Installer then please get in touch.

Working as Solar PV Installer
- Experience installing Solar PV systems and Batteries
- Ability to read designs sent from our design team
-Making adjustments to building surfaces so panels fit and are adequately supported
- Installing and maintaining solar panels on homes, business premises or open land
- Connecting solar panels to an electrical system
- Grounding electrical equipment and checking wiring
- Adhering to strict health and safety guidelines
- Performing maintenance checks and fixing solar panels
- Using a variety of technical equipment and tools
- Measure, cut, and assemble the support structure for solar PV panels
- Install solar modules, panels, and support structures in accordance with building codes and standards
- Connect PV panels to the electrical system
- Apply weather sealant to equipment being install
- Activate and test PV systems
- Perform routine PV system maintenance

Experience: A minimum of 1 year

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