Salary:£34,300.00 per annum


Commutable From:Newcastle and London 50miles radius

Posted: 2024-05-01

Job End Date: 2024-07-30

Job Description
In this role, the successful candidate will produce bespoke electrical designs for domestic and commercial solar PV projects using industry specific software (PVSol, PVSyst). You will also attend sites for surveys, assist with MCS certificates and DNO notifications and provide technical guidance to other members of the team.

The ideal candidate will have a degree in electrical engineering with knowledge of wiring regulations, cable calculations and AutoCAD software. Candidates must have some experience of designing Solar PV projects.

Experience: A minimum of 1 year

This is an excellent opportunity to build a long-term career within the renewable energy sector, with a dynamic company offering an interesting and challenging role with scope to progress and excellent company benefits.

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